Our Goal is to provide designs that elevate the spirit and create value for our clients and community.


Our Goal is to provide designs that elevate the spirit and create value for our clients and community.

We believe that high quality design results from the continuity of the design process and intensive dialogue with the client, consultants, contractors and end users. We work closely together to ensure the best results are achieved through a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration.

Architecture Design
Design Development
Feasibility Studies
Site Analysis & Selection
Project planning
Construction documents


FMK project partners is a professional engineering company providing comprehensive structural engineering services for both residential and commercial projects.

Our company believes in providing designs that are functional and economical, working together with our clients to develop complete solutions.

We can provide full structural engineering, from foundation design, beam sizing or simply lateral engineering for wind and seismic resistance up to analyse whole structure. Documentation will include General Arrangement drawings and Rebar drawings.

Design concrete structures
Design steel structures
Design wood structures
Design masonry structures


FMK project partners provides computer-aided drafting and documentation services for architects, engineers, developer, main contractors and homeowners supporting and managing projects during all stages of the design process. We can create CAD drawings from any format, even paper. If you don’t have your design on paper yet, all you need to do is give us your design specifications and measurements, and we will create the CAD drawings for you.

Outsourcing important Architectural Design services like Building and Structural Design, Exterior/Interior 3D Rendering, Plans, Elevations & Sections and so on makes good business sense. Your company can maximize profits as you save on time and human resources. Your key personnel can focus on the critical design phases of your project, or even begin on your next project!

Through Outsourcing FMK project partners s.r.o. you can reach a team comprised of Experienced Architects, Engineers & Draftsmen to design, draft, detail, render and estimate your projects. Send us your thoughts, your designs, your visualization, your ideas about the project, whether it is natal stage or fully evolved, we would help you to put those in a paper.

We provide also structural drafting services to engineers wishing to outsource their design and ideas. Accurate, clear and concise structural drawings are extremely important for communicating structural information to building contractors and architects.

Why to partner with FMK project partners?

As a company on other side of the world or on another continent, you may have apprehensions about sending your projects to someone far away from you. But, what if you can have someone you can trust to do your projects at half the cost you incur now in half the time, wouldn’t that increase your competiveness in your business? This is precisely what we can do for you.

Once you contact us with a short description of your project, a sales manager will contact you asking for more details about the project and for samples of similar project if you have any. Once we receive the information, our technical staff will go through the details & samples and give you a price quote for the project within 24 hours. At this time we will give you a detail list of deliverables and a delivery date for the project. Once these are finalized we will send you a work order for you to sign and we immediately begin the execution of project.

What we do
Architectural Drafting
– Site plans, building plans, sections, elevations, detail drawings
Structural drafting
– General arrangement drawings


FMK project partners offers 3D Architectural rendering, Photo realistic visualization and 3D architectural modelling services. 3D presentations of architectural ideas in form of 3D Renderings have become an indispensable part of any Architectural sales presentation.


  • The benefits are two – for the architect to present himself better and for the prospective client to better view his buy. These 3D renderings are amazingly effective in any corporate presentation and help a great deal in communicating the ideas and concepts of Architects to their clients. We specialize in translating the free hand sketches and CAD drawings of Architects into Photorealistic 3D Architectural renderings.
  • 3D Rendering and animation is your best choice for outsourced rendering, animation and modelling services. We provide outsourced animation and modelling services architects, developers, interior designers and others in the construction/ design industry. We deliver high quality rendering, animation and modelling services at a reasonable price, always on time.omers
Exterior Architectural Rendering
Interior Design Rendering
3D modelling
Photo realistic visualization
Panoramic view
Landscape Rendering
3D Video Animation